$9,850.00 CAD

This is a real overmodeled, ancestral, human skull from the Vanuatu peoples of South and Central Malekula

The enclosed skull belonged to the individual being memorialized, and the overmodeling and figurine were constructed using cane, vegetable fibers, resins, clay, pigments and other natural materials. The hair on this overmodeled skull was crafted from cobwebs.

Some overmodelled skulls were part of entire body effigies known as rambaramps. Only men of very high status (Nimangi) in their society were entitled to become a rambaramp - one of the highest honours they could achieve in their society. It would allow their guidance and presence to continue existing on the mortal plane.

This specimen was acquired with the intent of staying in the Prehistoria Museum, but we have made the tough decision to release it to raise funds for our renovation expenses. It was originally purchased from the tribe in the mid 1900s and was most recently purchased from an osteological/artifact collection in New Zealand.

We can ship this skull worldwide, anywhere the ownership of human osteology is legal.

**Please note: We do not take the ownership of human remains lightly, and neither should you. These are not "oddities", they were once living people and deserve to be treated with respect and appreciation for what they are and who they were. We have the right to refuse sales to anyone, or any organization, we suspect would not honour these specimens with the dignity they deserve.**