About Us

Who Are We? Why Sell Skulls?

Believe it or not, SkullStore is just a small part of what we do. This is simply our educational store, which finances the operation of our Prehistoria Natural History Centre and Educated Earth the Online Education Centre. Our organization, founded by Ben Lovatt, is made up of animal and nature lovers like you and was created as an ethical alternative to a traditionally cruel industry for natural history products. We are already leaders in the Canadian exotic pet trade, having advocated ethical animal ownership everywhere from CBC expert panels to HGTV's reality programming.

The ethics of skull collecting:

We are firm believers in conservation through preservation. We purchase exclusively from sustainable sources, including indigenous peoples and strictly regulated hunting reserves. We only ever purchase pre-existing skulls and animals, we will never commission the hunting of any species nor lay out a financial incentive to kill an animal.

All animals were sustainably collected and hunted/imported legally. 

Every day, countless animals die from natural causes all around the world. From predation to illness, our planet is teeming with potential ethical specimens just awaiting preservation. Even when animals are taken for use by other industries, they often throw most of it out. We simply find that unacceptable. Our business was started with the intention of ensuring as little is wasted as possible, and to allow these animals to live on through your personal care and respect. We directly support Inuit and aboriginal peoples in both Canada and nations across Sub-Sahara Africa, and we will always prioritize products from these sources over all else. Please note: We are open to trade proposals and new suppliers. We are always looking to expand our availability through ethical means, so contact us if you have a product you think we may be interested in. We also offer wholesale/educator rates.

SkullStore. Collect responsibly. 

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**Please Note: The majority of our natural bone products are only available in Canada. Our fossils, minerals, entomology and oddities can often be shipped without restriction. Contact us to inquire about export permits on natural bone items.**