Here at SkullStore we do everything within our power to research and ensure the legality and sustainable sourcing of all of our products. We guarantee that, to the best of our knowledge and verification processes, all items we offer for sale are compliant with the laws of Ontario (our province of operation) in addition to all Canadian and International regulations.



Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the world's postal agencies are overwhelmed with holiday season (or greater) volume and extreme staff shortages. 

These agencies are experiencing significantly longer or more unreliable shipping schedules and parcel tracking issues. 

We are sending parcels out an average of 2x a week, and your shipping confirmation email is dispatched the same day as your parcel. 

We are not responsible for and have no control over postal delays. They are not considered grounds for a refund.


We hold no responsibility in the event of parcels being lost or damaged at the hands of shipping agents. That being said, we will happily provide any information required to claim whatever shipping insurance was requested and offer advice for repairs. By default, any items sent out via Canada Post (not including items sent "Untracked") will be insured for their default $100CAD.

If you would like to insure your shipment for more, additional charges will apply. Please add your request in the order notes during checkout. We want nothing more than for you to safely receive (and enjoy) your order.



All parcels are shipped to the shipping address provided during checkout. Prior to your order being shipped, changes can be made by contacting us ( 

In the event that an order is placed, and shipped, after we were provided with incorrect information (or not delivered to the correct address as a result of postal service error), the procedure is as follows:

1) The parcel is returned to sender (us): If the parcel is returned to our facility by the postal service, we will notify the buyer to request an address correction. We will then ship the parcel back out at the buyer's expense. 

Buyers are also responsible for any shipping fees issued by the post office for the item to be shipped back to our store. We are not responsible for any fees incurred due to customer error.

Should the buyer wish to abandon their order and/or refuse to pay for it to be re-shipped, a 60% "abandoned item" fee will be deducted from a refund. All shipping costs, already spent to send the order out/returned, will not be refunded or factored into the restocking fee.

2) The parcel is lost in the mail: If the parcel is delivered to the wrong address or gets lost by the postal service - we are not responsible for your providing the incorrect shipping information or the actions of persons employed by the postal service. A refund will not be issued. While we deeply empathize with the frustration that these situations can cause, we cannot be held responsible for customer errors or the actions of companies we do not own or operate. 

Please read the section on this page: "LOST OR DAMAGED PARCELS/SHIPPING INSURANCE" for more information about these situations and insurance claims.


We are not international lawyers and cannot be expected to know the specific laws of every nation on Earth and state in the USA. As an owner of animal parts, it is your responsibility to ensure that your collections and purchases do not violate any local restrictions. The sales we make are compliant with our local laws and with full intent of legality upon shipping. We still do everything in our power to prevent any issues, including offering many of our products strictly within the borders of Canada. When an order is placed that we know violates some law or regulation, we will have no choice but to cancel the order and offer a refund or store credit towards other items. 

When in doubt - just ask! We are always happy to provide you with whatever information we have available to us.

For international customs purposes, all of our items are sterile and openly declared to avoid any issues. We do everything in our power to ensure a speedy and safe arrival of your orders, but the actions of Customs are beyond our control. We cannot be held responsible for any additional fees or complications, including seizure. Export permits may be available for some of our "Canada Only" items for an additional fee. Processing times would apply. Inquire at

***A 9% RESTOCKING FEE WILL APPLY IF YOU ORDER ITEMS SPECIFICALLY LISTED AS UNAVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY. Alternatively, a giftcard can be issued for the entire balance paid in lieu of a deducted refund.***


 It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure legality in their own country. Some nations may require CITES import permits to be applied for after our export is approved. We guarantee a legal export from Canada but we are not responsible for items detained by foreign customs or any additional fees that may apply outside of Canada. We suggest contacting your federal wildlife enforcement agency for your local regulations. 

Once a CITES Export Permit is approved by the Canadian government, the documents will be provided to the buyer to apply for any needed import permits. If the buyer's government refuses to issue an import permit (and the skull is still in our possession), or if a purchaser grows impatient waiting for permits, we will refund 50% of the purchase price. Items seized by foreign governments will not be refunded.

If an export permit is issued and the buyer does not apply for an import permit prior to the expiration of our export permit - your order will be considered abandoned and no refund will be issued. It is very difficult to obtain export documentation from the Canadian government and we will not be able to obtain a second export permit for the same product - in your name or otherwise.

We are proud to comply with all CITES regulations. We strongly believe in conservation through preservation.