Shipping & Legal Info

Here at SkullStore we do everything within our power to research and ensure the legality and sustainable sourcing of all of our products. We guarantee that, to the best of our knowledge and verification processes, all items we offer for sale are compliant with the laws of Ontario (our province of operation) in addition to all Canadian and International regulations.

We are not international lawyers and cannot be expected to know the specific laws of every nation on Earth and state in the USA. As an owner of animal parts, it is your responsibility to ensure that your collections and purchases do not violate any local restrictions. The sales we make are compliant with our local laws and with full intent of legality upon shipping. We still do everything in our power to prevent any issues, including offering many of our products strictly within the borders of Canada. When an order is placed that we know violates some law or regulation, we will have no choice but to cancel the order and offer a refund or store credit towards other items. 

When in doubt - just ask! We are always happy to provide you with whatever information we have available to us.

For international customs purposes, all of our items are sterile and openly declared to avoid any issues. We do everything in our power to ensure a speedy and safe arrival of your orders, but the actions of Customs are beyond our control. We cannot be held responsible for any additional fees or complications. Export permits may be available for some of our "Canada Only" items for an additional fee. Processing times would apply. Inquire at

In the event of lost or damaged parcels at the hands of shipping agents, we will happily provide any information required to claim whatever insurance was requested. We are reasonable people, so again - when it doubt, just ask! We want nothing more than for you to safely receive (and enjoy) your order.

We are proud to comply with all CITES regulations. We strongly believe in conservation through preservation. 

Please note: All sales are final.