Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Skull (CAST)


$10,325.00 CAD $14,500.00 CAD

This is a museum and research-quality skull cast (replica) of the famous juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex "Tinker" - an apex predator, theropod, dinosaur! 

Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most famous predators to have ever lived. More than 50 specimens of T. rex have been discovered, however very few of them were young adult or juvenile skeletons.

This was until the discovery of “Tinker” who was identified as “one of the most scientifically significant and most exciting T. rex skeletons ever found” by paleontologist Bob Bakker. Tinker was discovered in 1998 from the Hell Creek Formation in northwestern South Dakota and is thought to be the first nearly complete juvenile/sub-adult T. rex ever found at 70% complete. Tinker is 2/3rds adult size but only 1/4th adult weight.

Display size: 42”x22”x34” as displayed with mouth open, not including the display stand.

This is a rare opportunity to privately own a museum-tier specimen and worldwide shipping is available. 

**These skulls are fabricated at the time of order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for casting and painting times.**

Please note: shipping costs will exceed website estimate. Can be sent at buyer's freight preferences, though this specimen is so incredibly large it cannot be sent by traditional couriers like FedEx and UPS.

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