$29,750.00 CAD

This is a real matching pair of fossilized stegodon tusks! 

Stegodons are an extinct member of the order that contains modern elephants. Like modern elephants, they had a long pair of tusks and a trunk. Their fossils, especially tusks, are far rarer than woolly mammoths!

They evolved roughly 11.6 million years ago and went extinct at least 4100 years ago. These particular tusks were found in Indonesia.

These tusks are from the same stegodon.

The right tusk measures:

42.75" tall (with stand)
37" long (straight line)
7" wide (base and tusk)
62" long (along the curve)

The left tusk measures: 

41.5" tall (with stand)
33" long (straight line)
7" wide (base and tusk)
52.5" long (along the curve).

These tusks can be shipped worldwide. If being shipped, they will be custom crated.

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Please note: they have minor repairs, along a couple of relatively clean breaks that happened during the fossilization process. They have been stabilized and polished to ensure safe display.