$85.00 CAD

This is a professionally tanned skunk pelt! These specimens are imperfect (either in softness of tan or due to other minor issues) and were deemed undesireable by the traditional fur trade.

We believe in ensuring nothing is wasted, so we are happy to help these "leftovers" find respectful homes with people like yourself.

We can ship these furs worldwide.

The striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis) is an omnivorous mammal widespread in most of North America, a member of the skunk family and one of the most iconic mammals in the United States and Canada. It is similar in size to a domestic cat and the heaviest species of skunk (6–8 lb or 2.7–3.6 kg), even though not as long as the American hog-nosed skunk.

The striped skunk is omnivorous – it eats mice, eggs, insects, carrion grubs and berries, which they mainly search for during dawn and dusk. Its sophisticated scent glands give it its well-known ability to release an unpleasant odour when threatened.

Striped skunks are sometimes kept as pets in the United States, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and the UK, while illegal in Canada. Even in countries where pet skunk ownership is legal, it is far from a common pet because of restrictive laws and care complexity.