$1,475.00 CAD

This is a museum-quality cast of a juvenile pterosaur skull (Phosphatodraco mauritanicus)!

These pterosaurs patrolled the skies of Morocco in the Late Cretaceous. This flying prehistoric reptile is often mistaken for a dinosaur.

The type specimen was initially named and described by Suberbiola et al in 2003. This skull is based on casts of the best-known juvenile skull materials for Phosphatodraco. These materials were recovered from the Khouribga Phosphates of central Morocco.

This is a museum quality cast replica made with a durable polyurethane resin. It was molded directly from the original restored skull, not a 3D printed skull or a sculpture. The resin cast is made on demand and is produced using methods that preserve all of the fine details found in the original specimen.

Display size: 4.5”x3.5”x20.5” as displayed with mouth open, not including the display stand. The mount is 15” tall on the display stand. Variations on the color of the skull and the mount (i.e. wall mount) are possible upon request. Full skeleton casts are also available.

We can ship this specimen worldwide.

**This specimen is available exclusively on our website. It is not in-store, though in-store pickup can be arranged. They are cast and hand-painted at the time of purchase, please allow ~7 business days for fabrication. **