$75.00 CAD

These are real fossilized sea monster teeth from Morocco (mosasaur and plesiosaur)! 

These sets measure ~2.75" across and can be shipped worldwide! These are representative photos, but showcase the natural variation in the specimens.

Mosasaurs are a massive, extinct, species of aquatic reptile. These ferocious apex predators are often considered the "T-Rex of the sea". These genuine Moroccan specimens date back to the Late Cretaceous period and are in their original matrix (prehistoric seabed). You can even find other fragmented inclusions in the stone, primarily prehistoric fish bones and vertebrae. 

You may recognize the mosasaur as the giant aquatic creature in the film Jurassic World!

Plesiosaurs are ancient marine reptiles dating back between the Late Triassic-Late Cretaceous (203-66mya).