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This is a REAL mid-1900s tribal war shield from the Wahgi peoples of the central New Guinea highlands! 

During World War 2, and the decades following, American forces stationed on South Pacific islands would often exchange stories and trade goods with the local peoples. One of the most common forms of literature carried by these Westerners were comic books, with The Phantom being particularly popular among the troops.

Wahgi war shields were traditionally decorated with symbols that would bring strength and power to the combatant. These indigenous peoples saw our tales and depictions of super-human beings and naturally assumed them to be our Gods! To them it made perfect sense to evoke the protection of the Phantom - a man who never dies! 

This amazing and rare cultural artifact can be shipped worldwide! This specimen was once sold by Billy Jamieson, the famous "Treasure Trader". For additional information or to arrange a playment plan please email BuySkulls@gmail.com! 

This item is being sold by the estate of an esteemed Canadian collector, and close friend, named "Tokyo Dave" to help recuperate funerary expenses.