$60.00 CAD

Ancient wolf fur for sale! These are vials of real, extinct, Beringian Wolf fur, found in the Belaya Gore Region of Siberia! This is likely the ONLY time we will ever have this for sale!

This fur was collected from a largely-decomposed, and naturally freeze dried, adult female Beringian Wolf. Her teeth were significantly worn and the remnants of her body told a story of rough and long life. Alongside the remains were three mostly-intact pups! 

C14 testing on the puppies concluded these extinct wolf remains to be ~30,558 years old! 

The extinct Beringian Wolf lived between 50,000-7,600 years before present, and were the same size as the more southerly dire wolf. It is believed they preyed upon steppe bison, horse, woodland muskox, caribou and even woolly mammoth!

We offer a lifetime guarantee of authenticity on all of our items, and certificates can be provided upon request in the checkout notes.

Price is per ~2.5" tall vial and we can ship them worldwide!