$5,475.00 CAD

This is a real diaphonized human fetus! 

This rare fetal specimen would make a truly unique addition to any osteological or reference collection.

The jar measures ~4.5" tall.

While this may be a sensitive subject for some people, we thank you for sharing our compassion towards this beautiful and sensitive antique specimen.

Even during one of the hardest moments in a woman's life, she wanted this stillborn fetus to have a chance to live on and inspire via preservation. It has been a wet specimen for decades longer than any of our staff have been alive, and the process of Diaphonization is one of the most unique and beautiful forms of preservation yet discovered.

Not only has it been granted the opportunity to live on for the past decades-century, it now has a chance for a second life of inspiring, as a natural work of art and anatomical reference.