$35.00 CAD

Fossil globidens mosasaur teeth for sale! Each specimen is unique, measuring ~1" in diameter, and can be shipped worldwide! Price is per tooth.

Unlike the more common Mosasaurs, featuring sharp teeth, Globidens was a highly specialized marine reptile that evolved rounded teeth to crush hard shelled mollusks (including ammonites and bivalves).

Mosasaurs are a massive, extinct, species of aquatic reptile. These ferocious apex predators are often considered the "T-Rex of the sea". These genuine Moroccan specimens date back to the Late Cretaceous period and are in their original matrix (prehistoric seabed). You can even find other fragmented inclusions in the stone, primarily prehistoric fish bones and vertebrae. 

You may recognize the mosasaur as the giant aquatic creature in the film Jurassic World!