Exploded Squirrel Monkey Skull, Beauchene (Collapsible)

SkullStore Inc.

$1,225.00 CAD $2,500.00 CAD

If there is anything cooler than a squirrel monkey skull, it is an "exploded" skull! And if there is anything cooler than an exploded skull, it's one you can explode and contract!

Sourced from a squirrel monkey that was born in captivity and passed of natural causes, this specimen been separated into various natural segments that make up a skull. It allows the owner to truly understand and analyze the structure of our skulls.

Unlike most exploded skulls, Tobias Boch, our in-house articulator, has rigged this skull so that you can slide components apart or collapse the skull back together.

This process is often called “exploding” a skull, but is more formally known as a “Beauchene skull” after 18th century french anatomist Claude Beauchene who was renowned for creations such as these, used for medical reference. 

This specimen measures ~4.75" tall x 2.75" including custom stand and WE CANNOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF CANADA.

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