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These vials contain evidence of one of the most iconic extinction events in history - the asteroid impact that wiped out all non-avian dinosaurs!  You can clearly see the dark sediment layer, known as the K-T Boundary Layer, which contains large quantities of micro-meteorites and asteroidal iridium.

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~67 million years ago a massive asteroid slammed into the Gulf of Mexico, carving out a 180km wide crater and plunging the world into darkness. The shockwaves tore across the Earth and its atmosphere, instantly killing off most lifeforms. Tsunamis tore apart coastal ecosystems, washing away and drowning countless dinosaurs and other animals.

This was only the beginning - those who survived the initial onslaught, likely deafened and disoriented, would have watched as their world caught fire. Burning/molten meteoric fragments and Earth rock (launched into space by the impact) fell back to the surface, killing anything they struck and igniting vegetation. This hellfire is known scientifically as "tektites". 

The dust and smoke choked the skies, turning day to night. The resulting cooling and lack of UV killed off much of the world's vegetation, causing catastrophic collapses of the world's food chains.

If you couldn't fly or burrow, the chances of surviving as a terrestrial animal were almost non-existent. 75% of all species on Earth were entirely eradicated, opening the door for a group of small, fur-bearing, animals - known as mammals - to rise from the ashes and achieve dominance of the world.