$85.00 CAD

Real coyote skulls for sale!

These specimens are salvaged discards from human activities and have been preserved so these "leftovers" can find respectful homes. They are roughly 18cm long and can be shipped worldwide!

The coyote (Canis latrans) is a type of wild dog native to North and Central America. Their average weight ranges from 15 to 46 lbs. They are much better at living among people than wolves and have an observational learning capability which surpasses that of dogs.

The coyote’s diet is primarily carnivorous with its prey of choice being smaller mammals, reptiles and birds. Despite that, the coyote is very adaptable when it comes to diet, often sustaining itself off human waste, cats and small dogs when living in populated areas. When hunting smaller prey such as mice and squirrels, the coyote will use its sense of smell to track the prey and then pounce in a cat-like manner. When it comes to larger prey, it will flank and attack from the rear, attempting to grab the prey’s neck or head and force it down to the ground. They have a reputation for being very persistent hunters, with attacks lasting up to 21 hours.

One of their most feared natural predators is the cougar, whose sound is often artificially created to keep coyotes away from public places.