$4,250.00 CAD

This is a museum and research-quality cast (replica) of a Ceratosaurus nasicornis skull - an apex predator, theropod, dinosaur! 

These ferocious reptiles roamed the Earth in the late Jurassic period (153-148 million years ago), with their remains having been found in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming in the 150-million-year-old Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation. 

Armed with dozens of sharp, serrated, teeth, and averaging 7.5m (25ft) in total length, this dinosaur was a powerful killing machine.

They are famous for their large brow-ridges and their unique nasal horn. Unlike the Tyrannosaurs rex, they were equipped with four-fingered hands.

This specific skull is molded from a juvenile specimen from the Historic Bone Cabin Quarry in southeastern Wyoming. The size of the skull makes this juvenile approximately one half the size of a full-grown adult Ceratosaurus.

Display size: 20”x18”x17” as displayed with mouth open, not including the display stand.

This is a rare opportunity to privately own a museum-tier specimen and worldwide shipping is available. 

**PLEASE NOTE: These skulls are cast and painted at the time of order. Please allow up to 2 weeks of preparation time to ensure you receive the highest quality possible.**