$4,850.00 CAD

This is a museum-quality cast of a Camarasaurus grandis dinosaur skull - a long-necked sauropod dinosaur from the, Late Jurassic, Morrison Formation!

Camarasaurus is one of the "smaller" sauropods, measuring at least 50-65ft (15.25-19.8m) long and 15-25ft (4.6-7.6m) tall and weighing up to 20 tons.

The original fossil of this skull and skeleton can be seen at the Gunma Museum in Japan.

This is a museum quality cast replica made with a durable polyurethane resin. It was molded directly from the original restored skull and is NOT a 3D printed skull or a sculpture. The resin cast is made on demand and is produced using methods that preserve all of the fine details found in the original specimen.

This is a rare opportunity to privately own a museum-grade specimen! Custom stand included.

This skull measures ~28" x 15" x 27" tall.

Worldwide shipping is available and the skull is currently located in the United States.