$7,450.00 CAD

Human skeleton for sale! This is a real mounted human (Homo sapiens) skeleton! It is an early 1960s medical specimen from India.

This skeleton is in fantastic shape and was an exhibit at the Prehistoria Museum - suspended from a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. Photos have been added to the gallery. 

It has been deaccessioned from the museum collection and made available to the public in order to raise funds for impending exhibit upgrades. 

This specimen can be shipped to respectful homes worldwide, anywhere the ownership of human osteology is legal.

**Please note: We do not take the ownership of human remains lightly, and neither should you. These are not "oddities", they were once living people and deserve to be treated with respect and appreciation for what they are and who they were. We have the right to refuse sales to anyone, or any organization, we suspect would not honour these specimens with the dignity they deserve.**