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This is an authentic Ancient Egyptian High Priest mummy foot and hand!

Looking for an opportunity to add some rare, museum quality, specimens to your collection? Well, now is your chance and it won't last long!

The mummy hand still retains some flakes of its original gold decoration, in addition to the embalming resins and wrappings. Over the centuries, one finger had been broken off to remove a ring - the impression of which still remains.

The foot is still almost completely wrapped in the original linens, with the exclusion of the big toe and, when viewed from below, the tips of two other toes (which are beautifully preserved and quite lifelike). 

Mummy parts have become extremely difficult to source, so the availability of these Twelfth-Thirteenth Dynasty (18th Century BCE) specimens represents an exceptional opportunity.

Worldwide shipping is available, anywhere the ownership of human remains is legal. They may be purchased separately, but a discount has been applied for the purchase of both as a set. 

For additional information and photos, please email BuySkulls@gmail.com.

These are exclusively available online.