$1,225.00 CAD

Dating back to 30BCE, this is an authentic Ancient Romano-Egyptian baboon statuette mold!

The statuette would have depicted the funerary baboon god Hapi, with this half of the mold being the rear half of the seated primate.

Hapi is one of the four sons of Horus and protector of the throne of Osiris in the underworld. 

He was also responsible for protecting the lungs of the dead, and his baboon head adorned the canopic jar that held the lungs of the deceased.

In the Third Intermediate Period, the organs began to be placed back inside of the body instead of in jars, and an amulet depicting Hapi would be placed inside of the mummy. 

This beautiful piece of terracotta measures ~5" tall and would make a great start, or addition, to any collection. It is a fantastic piece of "behind-the-scenes" Egyptian history and a chance to own an artifact from the creation of artifacts!

This antiquity was purchased from the estate of a US collector.


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