$124,850.00 CAD

If you are looking to make a significant and incredibly rare addition to your personal or academic collection, look no further.

This amazing museum-grade mortality plate features a very rare and stunning 51" Chisternon undatum - one of the rarest and most sought-after turtles ever found in Fossil Lake. It is accompanied by several other beautifully preserved, extinct, fish. This fossil was excavated in the legendary American Fossil Quarry and took over two years of laboratory preparation.  

This turtle measures an incredible 51" long, the shell alone hitting 21" x 14".  The entire fossil plate dimensions are 71.5" x 36". This is not just a stunning fossil and addition to your home decor, this is an investment piece that is guaranteed to take your breath away.

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Fossil Lake existed roughly 52 million years ago in what is now Southwestern Wyoming, Northeastern Utah and Northwestern Colorado.  This was the period of time just after the fall of the dinosaurs, and during the great rise of the mammals. 

So far paleontologists have uncovered at least 7 species of turtles that lived in Fossil Lake, some reaching nearly 6 feet in length and weighing hundreds of pounds! The smallest of the turtles reached no more than 6 inches and their ranges extended up and down the streams and tributaries of the lake.