$425,000.00 CAD

Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus for sale! This is an incredibly rare opportunity to own a piece of Ancient Egyptian history and a specimen from the Prehistoria Museum collection.

This Egyptian Polychrome Decorated Sarcophagus dates back to the Ptolemaic Period (305-30BCE). It is a classic anthropoid (human) form.

A life-sized gesso and painted wood burial sarcophagus with overall white ground having red-brown tone face with black and white details, multicolor striped, tripartite wig and intricate aegis collar. Large vertical glyph band on front, containing verses from the Book of the Dead, painted in ocher and black with a large reclining, Anubis in jet black. Reverse plain. Rejoined at center from two large pieces, some minor areas of repainting.

This specimen is only temporarily being made available to the public, as part of a fundraising initiative for the Prehistoria Museum in Toronto, Canada. If not purchased by the time our facility is nearing our grand reopening, we will not deaccession it from our museum and it will be pulled from the market. 

It measures ~70" tall and comes with professionally crafted display stand. This specimen can be shipped outside of Canada and would be professionally crated and shipped for that journey.

You can email for additional information, shipping arrangements, and payment options.

Provenance: Prehistoria Museum, acquired December 2020. Private Tucson, Arizona collection, acquired at Arte Primitivo, auct. 23, lot # 63, 2007. Previously with Arte Primitivo, since 2003. Previously with Secret Eye Gallery, NYC., 1990’s, Previously with a private Swiss collection, purportedly 1970’s.