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Welcome to the official giftshop of the Prehistoria Online Museum!

We are proud to offer you an unrivaled selection of Human and Natural History products spanning the width of the globe, and the depths of time. Click the image on the left to buy our taxidermy, skulls, and cultural items.

100% Ethical and 100% Sustainable

The products you see on our website are all ethically collected. No animals were harmed and no artifacts were removed from historical context for our business. All products on our site are being sold for educational display purposes and to raise awareness of our place in the Universe. Visit our “e-museum” Prehistoria!

**SkullStore.ca Is Always Buying And Trading For YOUR Oddities. Contact us!**

We Do:
Film & Photo Prop Rental, Specimen Cleaning, Skeletal Articulation,
Events & Parties, TV & Tradeshow Appearances, and more!

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