White-Thighed Hornbill Skeleton, Female C


$275.00 CAD $500.00 CAD

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The White-Thighed Hornbill (Bycanistes albotibialis) is a common sight across much of Africa. The bizarre casques found on hornbills aren't just for decoration... they have several uses including hunting and combat! 

This skeleton would make a great articulation project or could be used for art supplies.

This skull is roughly ~6" long, for a sense of scale, and this skeleton can be shipped worldwide.

**Please note: these skeletons were not prepared at our facility, so they have minor imperfections and may be missing some bones/retain a slight odour. Hydrogen peroxide is typically used to remove odours and to further whiten bones, and a soaking would also rehydrate any remaining tissues for removal.

We are assuming they are imperfect and discounting them by default. The photo is of the exact specimen being sold.**

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