Weasel Skull


$25.00 CAD $40.00 CAD

These real weasel (Mustela ermine) skulls are roughly 4cm long, and are available exclusively in Canada! They were legally exported from the province of British Columbia. 

The weasel (Mustela) is a carnivorous mammal, known for its quickness and intelligence. They are found almost everywhere north of the equator except for Africa, the Middle East and the Indian peninsula. They have elongated bodies (173 to 217 mm or 6.8 to 8.5 inches), made even more prominent with their short limbs.

Their favorite prey is smaller mammals such as rodents, but they also steal poultry and rabbits from human farms, which often gets them the vermin status. That is why dogs are sometimes trained to hunt weasels for the sake of protection for smaller livestock. There are roughly 17 species of weasels.

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