Viking Shaman Pendant C


$1,200.00 CAD $2,200.00 CAD

This is your opportunity to own an incredible piece of Ancient Viking history! Dating back to 850-950 C.E, this is a REAL shamanic Viking pendant! 

Though restrung on a modern chain, this bird foot pendant would have been worn by a völva - a female shaman/seer in Norse religions. Völva translates to "wand carrier" or "carrier of a magic staff", an apt title for one believed to possess magical gifts!

These Viking seers were powerful, mature, women who had cast aside their traditional family bonds and classic domestic roles. They would often wander the lands, being called upon in times of need and compensated handsomely for their services.

This beautiful silvered bronze amulet measures ~3/4 inch and would make for an amazing start or addition to any collection. It is still in good enough shape to be worn!

This antiquity can be shipped worldwide and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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