Viking Man & Woman Wedding Ring Set


$1,450.00 CAD $2,500.00 CAD

This is your opportunity to own an incredible piece of Ancient Viking history! Dating back to 850-1050 C.E, these are REAL Viking wedding rings! The larger ring would have been worn by a Viking man and the smaller ring would have been worn by a Viking woman.

Viking weddings were very significant, religious, festivities that would have typically seen the payment of dowries, animal sacrifices to evoke the protection of gods (such as a goat for Thórr, a sow for Freyja, a boar or a horse for Freyr), and an exchange of heirloom swords in addition to rings. 

These beautiful gold gilded bronze rings would make for an amazing start or addition to any collection. They can be shipped worldwide!

The ring sizes are 9 and 5.5.

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