Tiger Skull, Scavenger Damage


$1,475.00 CAD $2,000.00 CAD

This is a real tiger (panthera tigris) skull, exhibiting extensive scavenger damage! 

Strangely enough, this skull was stolen from a Canadian taxidermist's workspace by an animal (presumably a coyote) and dragged into the surrounding forest. Despite multiple attempts to find it, the skull remained lost in the wild for several years before being spotted.

It now has very unusual features, after having been scavenged as an easy source of calcium by animals in the local ecosystem. 

This is a truly unique specimen and would make a great addition to any collection. It measures ~13" long and CANNOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE OF CANADA. CANADIAN BUYERS ONLY.

**We are strongly against the hunting of wild tigers (or any other endangered species). This sustainably sourced animal is being made available as a cruelty-free alternative to a market filled with poached products.**

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