Thermonuclear War Set


$225.00 CAD $400.00 CAD

Looking for a unique gift or addition to your collection? You'll have a hard time finding something crazier than our apocalyptic set of thermonuclear war relics! 

This set consists of a real piece of Trinitite (glass formed by the world's first atomic bomb blast) and real components of a decommissioned TITAN II intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)! These ICBM specimens were specifically removed from the ring connecting the reentry vehicle (and its thermonuclear payload) to the rocket.

We can ship these limited-quantity sets worldwide!

The LGM-25C TITAN II was once a critical component of the United States nuclear arsenal, designed to carry the largest warhead of any American ICBM - the B35 Thermonuclear Bomb.

This 9 megaton warhead (600x stronger than "Little Boy", the bomb dropped on Hiroshima) could annihilate targets upto 16,000km from its launch point.

The TITAN II also underwent modifications for more peaceful uses - it served as the launch vehicle for the Gemini space program.

These missile components were originally sold to the public to raise funds to preserve TITAN II ICBM Site 571-7 as a historical landmark and museum. We purchased them directly from this ICBM Site.

You will also get a piece of REAL Trinitite, glassy debris created by the first atomic bomb test in human history! These specimens were collected from the blast crater prior to the 1950s ban.

Now you can own a piece of history - a relic from the very moment we harnessed the vast, destructive, power of the atom!

These specimens are legal and can be safely, responsibly, owned. At the time of formation this material was extremely "hot" but after 50+ years of radioactive decay/dissipation there is minimal risk. We advise that buyers do not physically handle the specimens and thoroughly wash their hands should temptation be impossible to resist. Do not break these specimens or put them in a situation where potentially toxic dust could be released or ingested!

Keep out of reach of children and pets. As common sense would dictate - it is recommended that you do not store these on your body or near your reproductive organs.

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