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This isn't your typical coffee table book! The Skullhunter Collection, by Koen Den Haerynck, is an incredible, and unprecedented, photographic journey into the world of biological oddities. 

Stripping away the jargon-laden descriptions of the individual pathologies, this book moves beyond words and makes its impact with bold and powerful imagery.

The photographs reveal the dramatic stories that lay beneath the skin - stories classically confined to the dusty pages of obscure medical and veterinary journals.

The high resolution images range from the eternally-dancing, conjoined, skeletons of piglets to the fragile, unfused, skulls of a human fetus. 

It is safe to say that The Skullhunter Collection has masterfully achieved a subtle balance between beauty and tragedy.

This is a limited edition release, capped to 500, with the buyer receiving a wax-sealed, numbered, copy.

We are proud to be the North American distributor of this book and we can ship copies worldwide.