Stigmaria Fossil Tree Root A (Joggins)

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This is a real fossilized stigmaria tree root, sourced from the defunct Hobberlin Museum Collection and originally from Joggins, Nova Scotia!

This petrified wood is from a primitive tree-like plant called Lepidodendron, in the lycopsid (tree moss) family.

Dating back ~320-304 million years, these were some of the first tree-like plants to evolve and their undecomposed remains are a common part of the world's coalbeds. 

This fossil measures 7" tall and can be shipped worldwide. 


The Joggins Formation is one of the world's most important Carboniferous period fossil sites, and the site where Hylonomus (the world's earliest known reptile) was discovered. 

In 2008 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is now illegal to collect fossils from this locale. This specimen was collected in 1966 and predates the prohibition on collection.

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