Samurai Suit of Armour (1800s)

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$9,850.00 CAD $15,000.00 CAD

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Dating back to the 1800s (19th century), this is a real suit of samurai armour!

Included are the kabuto (helmet), three lame shikoro (neck guard), a menpo (mask) of the hanbo (half mask) style with a yodarekake (throat guard). Amazingly enough, the chain mail of the throat guard is decorated with a chrysanthemum.

The Do (cuirass) is kirisuke iyozane style of horizontal plates fastened bycross knots of leather with hinge on the left side and the kusazuri (skirt plates) are a composite reinforced with metal strips. 

This artifact comes with a samurai armour stand, but the small table below the skirt is not included.

We can ship this artifact worldwide.

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