Saltasaurus Dinosaur Eggshell


$40.00 CAD $60.00 CAD

These are REAL fossilized fragments of Saltasaurus dinosaur eggshells! Originally found in Argentina, each fragment is unique and measures over 2.5cm. They can be shipped worldwide!

Saltasaurus was a 12 metre long, 7 tonne, sauropod dinosaur dating back to the Late Cretaceous Period (roughly 70 million years ago). Incredibly enough, Saltasaurus actually changed the world's understanding of sauropod evolution - they were the first to be found with osteoderms (crocodile-like bone armour within their skin) that measure up to 12 cm in diameter. Until the discovery of Saltasaurus, it was commonly accepted that the only defensive adaptation needed by sauropods was their immense size.

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