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These are real silver denarius coins of Roman Emperor Severus Alexander (Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander), dating back between 222-235CE!

He was the last emperor of the Severan dynasty, taking the throne after his cousin Elagabalus was slain in the year 222.

His reign was relatively peaceful and, at a length of 13 years, was the longest reign of a sole emperor since Antonius Pius. 

He was the second youngest solo ruler of the united empire, after Gordian III.

During his reign, the rising military might of the Sassanid Empire threatened the Roman Empire and incursions by the tribes of Germania increased in frequency and intensity.

He managed to stay the Sassanid threat, but when dealing with the Germanic tribes he sought peace through diplomacy and bribery, alienating much of the Roman army. 

This upset lead to Alexander, his mother and his advisors being assassinated in 235. His death marked the beginning of the Crisis of the Third Century, which included fifty years of civil war, foreign invasion and an economic collapse.