Raptor Tooth & Eggshell Set


$175.00 CAD $250.00 CAD

These are real Deltadromeus agilis raptor dinosaur teeth! These incredible ~95 million year old specimens were found in the Baharija Formation in the Kem-Kem beds, south of Taouz, Morocco.

This predatory reptile would have torn apart its prey with these short, serrated, teeth. 

These are paired with real fragments of Oviraptor dinosaur egg shell! They were originally found in East Asia and are roughly 70 million years old!

These teeth come in a high-quality, American-made, 3.5″ wide Riker Mount and are perfect for immediate display. 

It isn't every day that you have a chance to buy a set of real raptor fossils! Worldwide shipping is available and every set is unique but comparable. Price is per set.

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