Polar Bear Skull, XXL


$1,250.00 CAD $1,500.00 CAD

This is your chance to buy the largest polar bear skull we have ever listed for sale! This animal was sustainably sourced from the Inuit people of the Canadian arctic and the skull was part of the official Prehistoria Natural History Centre collection until now! It is available worldwide and measures just over 16" long and 8.5" wide!

If you are located outside of Canada please allow upto 2 months for CITES export permit times (this cannot be shipped to the USA).

While some people take personal offense to the Inuit's traditional lifestyle, their limited (and sustenance) hunting of animals is not what puts these species at risk. For thousands of years these incredibly hardy and ingenious people have managed to exist in the most inhospitable climate on Earth, while building a truly rich culture. 

If you would like to protect the northern ecosystems, do not fault the Inuit for using their local resources to survive... do your part to reduce your personal carbon footprint! The warming of our world, undeniably accelerated by our vast civilizations, is the real source of harm.

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