Nautilus Shell


$60.00 CAD $75.00 CAD

This is a real nautilus shell! It can be shipped worldwide! They measure roughly 10cm at the widest point.

The chambered nautilus is a marine mollusc found on the deep slopes of Indo-Pacific coral reefs. They are living fossils, and have remained unchanged for millions of years! 

Amazingly enough, these animals move through the water utilizing a natural form of jet propulsion! This is done with an organ known as a hyponome. 

The nautilus has a prominent head, armed with parrot-like beak, and up to 90 tentacles! As the nautilus outgrows its living chamber in the shell, it will actually create new, larger, chambers in a stunning logarithmic spiral! These cephalopods will then seal off the outgrown compartment and convert its use to buoyancy.

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