Narwhal Tusk, 5'8"


$3,850.00 CAD $6,500.00 CAD

This is a real male narwhal tusk sourced from the Inuit peoples of the Canadian arctic! Narwhal tusks make for great carving material or simply an amazing addition to your collection.

This particular specimen measures ~1.73m (5ft 8.25in)!

We can ship this specimen worldwide (excluding the USA, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia or Taiwan)! Please allow for brief permit processing times if you are located outside of Ontario. For purchasing out of Canada, please expect ~6-8 weeks for export documents.

Shipping costs may exceed website estimates due to the extremely long dimensions of the specimen. Additional charges may apply depending on the location of the purchaser.

**EXPORTING TERMS AND CONDITIONS: It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure legality in their own country. Some nations may require CITES import permits to be applied for after our export is approved. We guarantee a legal export from Canada but we are not responsible for items detained by foreign customs or any additional fees that may apply outside of Canada. We suggest contacting your federal wildlife enforcement agency for your local regulations. 

Once a CITES Export Permit is approved by the Canadian government, the documents can be provided to the buyer to apply for any needed import permits. If the buyer's government refuses to issue an import permit (and the skull is still in our possession), we will refund 50% of the purchase price. If the buyer grows impatient with the permit processing times (which are entirely out of our control) and wishes to cancel their order, the purchase will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Items seized by foreign governments will not be refunded.

By purchasing this item you are agreeing to these conditions.**

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