Narwhal Skull, Double Tusk


$8,750.00 CAD $15,000.00 CAD

This is a real male double tusked narwhal skull sourced from the Inuit of the Canadian arctic! Only 1 in 500 narwhals will grow a second tusk and this is the first we have ever had for sale! This is one of the rarest modern animal skulls on the planet.

Narwhal tusks make for great carving material but this entire skull would make an amazing and irreplaceable addition to your collection.

This incredibly rare specimen features TWO tusks, the longest having a total length of 33.25"! We can ship this specimen worldwide (excluding the USA, Mexico, Australia or Taiwan)! Please allow for permit processing times if you are located outside of Ontario or Canada.

Shipping costs will likely exceed website estimates due to the extremely long dimensions of the specimen. Additional charges may apply.

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