$6,750.00 CAD

Naga headhunting trophy for sale. This incredible piece of ethnographic art originated in Nagaland, a region stretching from North Eastern India to northwestern Burma! 

The intricately woven rattan binds together a human skull with two dramatic water buffalo horns. As it was purchased from the executor of an estate, the exact age of the piece has been lost. Regardless, it would make a fantastic display piece in any collection.

We can ship this specimen to respectful homes worldwide, anywhere the ownership of human osteology is legal. 

**Please note: We do not take the ownership of human remains lightly, and neither should you. These are not simply "oddities", they were once living people and deserve to be treated with respect and appreciation for what they are and who they were. We have the right to refuse sales to anyone, or any organization, we suspect would not honour these specimens with the dignity they deserve.**