Michael VII Ducas, Jesus, Byzantine Gold Histamenon Coin

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This is a real Byzantine gold histamenon coin minted for Roman Emperor Michael VII Ducas during his rule between 1071-1078CE!

One side depicts Jesus Christ, while the other shows the bearded figure of Emperor Michael VII . 

We can ship this ~1.18" diameter, 4g, ancient artifact worldwide.

Michael VII proved to be a very poor ruler of the Byzantine Empire, and was over-reliant on advisors, sycophants, and until October 1st 1071, he even had three co-emperors (one of which was captured in an ill-fated military campaign).

Even after taking the throne in 1071, he allowed his finance minister Nikephoritzes to increase taxes and luxury spending without properly funding the military.

The underpaid army faced widespread desertion and mutiny. In desperation, the government began confiscating private property and even some of the church's wealth.

With the Byzantine currency crashing and rebel armies lead by his generals in both the Balkans and Anatolia marching on Constantinople, Michael VII resigned the throne between March 24-31 1078.

We can ship these specimens worldwide.

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