Megalodon Tooth, Carribean D (4.5")


$425.00 CAD $850.00 CAD

This is a real Carribean megalodon super-shark tooth! While USA specimens are relatively common, specimens from the Caribbean are extremely rare and highly sought after. 

These are a one-time availability for us, sourced from the estate of a close friend of our founder.

Featuring an unusual, light, colouration, these specimens have sharp serrations despite being millions of years old.

Megalodon was the largest shark to ever live (reaching an estimated length of 18 meters or 59 ft) and fed on whales! This huge fossilized specimen measures ~4.5" long and dates back 5-15 million years!

Almost every specimen from this region has undergone some minor repairs, please review the images prior to ordering. The price has been reduced according to condition.

This stunning fossil can be shipped worldwide!

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