Megalodon - Predator and Prey Sets


$125.00 CAD $195.00 CAD

This is a real megalodon "Predator and Prey" set! 

Featured are real ~3" long megalodon super-shark tooth and a fossilized whale bones - the primary prey of these aquatic apex predators!

**They can be easily removed and placed back on the custom stand.**

Megalodon was the largest shark to ever live (reaching an estimated length of 18 meters or 59 ft) and fed on whales

The fossilized whale tail vertebrae and megalodon tooth date back to the Miocene/Pliocene Epochs (5 to 15 million years ago) and were found in the Hawthorne Formation in South Carolina.

Though the US prohibits the sale of marine mammal parts, these fossils predate the restrictions and are completely legal!

Price is for the set and they can be shipped worldwide. 

**Every pair is unique, but these photos are representative of what you will receive.**

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