Lioness Taxidermy Mount


$6,895.00 CAD $12,750.00 CAD

This is a real taxidermy female lion mount! Measuring a staggering ~7'2" long x 4' tall x 2' wide (including base), this impressive apex predator would make a fantastic centerpiece to any home or office. 

We are not willing to export this lion at this time. It is currently available in Canada only!

This specimen is so large that it will have to be sent by courier. Our website is designed for the postal service, so an accurate courier quote will be provided upon purchase.

**Toronto pickup or Southern Ontario delivery is preferred. Please contact to discuss options and rates.**

This lion was not a hunting trophy!

Unfortunately this murder-kitty decided that farmers and their livestock were far easier prey than antelopes. Needless to say, apex predators that develop this behaviour end up being put down for public safety.

While it wasn't able to cohabitate with human civilization in life, at least it can live on and be admired in some form.

We would much prefer to salvage this specimen than have another lion die to meet the demands of the market.

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