Lion Cub Pelt Rug


$2,450.00 CAD $5,000.00 CAD

This is a real, vintage, taxidermy lion cub skin rug! Measuring 78" (6' 6") long x 56" (4'8") wide, this rare glimpse at the early life cycle of an apex predator would make a fantastic centerpiece to any home or office. It has hooks for wall hanging.

This rug was purchased out of an estate in Quebec, so we cannot speak with certainty as to the age or origins, but being an infant we suspect this pelt would not have been a trophy hunt.

We have seen similar specimens in the past that were traceable to zoo/captive animals that people didn't want to simply bury or discard upon death. 

Regardless of origins, we strongly feel this animal does deserve to be loved and respected in death. If we had the space and budget, this would have become part of our permanent museum collection. 

We cannot export this lion! It is currently available in Canada only!


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