King Ariobarzanes III of Cappadocia Silver Drachm Coin

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These are real ancient silver dracm coins, commemorating King Ariobarzanes III of Cappadocia!

He reigned from 51-42BCE in the Iranian, kingdom of Cappadocia (located in present-day Turkey). 

He was of Persian and Greek ancestory, and was approved for succession to the throne by the Roman Senate. 

He supported the transition of Rome from a republic to an empire and was allowed to retain his position after Julius Caesar won the Roman Civil War. 

This allegiance would cost Ariobarzanes III his life after Caesar was assassinated, when Cassius, the leader of the assassination plot, ordered Ariobarzanes the Third to be executed in 42BCE.

The reverse of the coins features Athena holding a wreath and a palm, surrounded by monograms. Athena was the Greek virgin goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and warfare! 

These silver coins measure ~.6" diameter, weigh ~3.8g, and come in protective gem jars for easy display.

These can be shipped worldwide. 


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