$95.00 USD

Human sacrum bones for sale! These are real human sacrum bones - a triangular bone found at the base of the spine. At birth the sacrum starts off as five separate vertebrae, but in your mid-late teens they begin to fuse. By the time you reach roughly 34 years old, the process is typically complete. 

We can ship this bone worldwide, anywhere the ownership of human osteology is legal!

*PRICE IS PER RANDOMLY-SELECTED SPECIMEN. This is a representative photo to showcase the variation you may receive.*

**Please note: We do not take the ownership of human remains lightly, and neither should you. These are not "oddities", they were once living people and deserve to be treated with respect and appreciation for what they are and who they were. We have the right to refuse sales to anyone, or any organization, we suspect would not honour these specimens with the dignity they deserve.**