Human Fetal Wet Specimen


$3,450.00 CAD $5,000.00 CAD

This incredibly tragic, but beautiful specimen, is a real wet specimen human fetus. It was originally part of an old teaching collection.

We entirely understand, and sympathize, that this type of specimen is not for everyone, but, even during the devastating loss of a child, the mother wanted this specimen to live on via preservation and to stimulate curiosity and further education about the human body. It is out of deep respect that we've opted to list this consignment piece.

This specimen can be shipped to respectful homes worldwide - UNFORTUNATELY NO USA SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to postal regulations, the buyer may need to refill any wet specimen ordered via our website. Please use 70% isopropyl alcohol, which is available at any pharmacy. ONLY DO A FLUID TRANSFER IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA AND AWAY FROM ALL OPEN FLAMES.**

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