Human Brain Wet Specimens, Medium (SALE)


$60.00 CAD $75.00 CAD

These are REAL preserved fragments and slices of a human brain! They were part of a medical collection but were sold off upon the doctor's retirement.

It is truly incredible that something so unremarkable in appearance could be responsible for the functionality of the human body and even conciousness itself! We are offering these specimens in the hope that they inspire in you (and your community) the same appreciation and curiosity we feel for the beauty of life and anatomy.

To comply with postal regulations we have to ship the jars without fluid, but you just need to refill them with 70% isopropyl alcohol. It's available and inexpensive at Shoppers Drug Mart or any pharmacy. 

For size reference, these jars are roughly ~2.25" tall.  PRICE IS PER SPECIMEN.

We refuse to use formaldehyde, due to the high risk of nerve damage and cancer from exposure. We feel it is extremely irresponsible for sellers to put their lives and the lives of their customers at risk for a decorative object.

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