Human Brain Wet Specimen A


$3,950.00 CAD $4,500.00 CAD

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This is a REAL preserved human brain! It was once part of a medical collection.

 It is truly incredible that something so relatively unremarkable in appearance could be responsible for the functionality of the human body and even conciousness itself! We are offering this specimen in the hope that it inspires in you (and your community) the same appreciation and curiosity we feel for the beauty of life and anatomy.

It comes in a ~8.25" tall x 6.25" diameter jar for safe and easy display.

We can ship this specimen to respectful homes worldwide, anywhere ownership is legal.

**Please note: We do not take the ownership of human remains lightly, and neither should you. These are not "oddities", they were once living people and deserve to be treated with respect and appreciation for what they are and who they were. We have the right to refuse sales to anyone, or any organization, we suspect would not honour these specimens with the dignity they deserve.** 


To comply with postal regulations we have to ship our wet specimens without fluid, but you just need to refill them with 70% isopropyl alcohol. It's available and inexpensive at Shoppers Drug Mart or any pharmacy. You can even, very careful, transfer this specimen into another container, should you so desire. 

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